Strategic Partnerships

vet-trioMany of the success stories in history involve classic strategic partnerships. For over 100 years, the veterinarians in the state of Alabama have had a great resource in the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association. However, we now find ourselves as a profession in uncertain times, where perhaps the standards of the past may in fact prove less than efficient in protecting the lofty ideals and principles our great profession is both known for and expected to uphold. As veterinarians we know and understand that adaptation to the environment is key to success. Like so many professional business people in the world today, veterinarians face many escalating challenges to achieving success in practice, to their plans for succession and retirement, and to maintaining the high standards of their profession. These threats to veterinary medicine are the very impetus behind the formation of the ALVPOA.  

In todays business climate and economic environment, it is critical that all challenges be met on every front, and all resources be implemented in their most advantageous way. The organizers of the ALVPOA, and the membership itself whish to see any and all who would seek to defend and improve the standards of the veterinary profession succeed in their efforts. To this end, no one associated with the organization of this association is opposed to the continued existence and service of the ALVMA. To the contrary, The ALVPOA would like to actively encourage EVERY veterinarian who practices in Alabama to be a member of both associations and play an active role in the securing the future success of veterinary medicine as a profession.