A better, stronger profession, for the future

veternariusThe honorable profession we now call veterinary medicine has effectively been in existence since humans first began the practice of animal husbandry for survival and productivity purposes. There are jokes about the worlds oldest and second oldest professions, but in reality, veterinary medicine probably has both of them beat.

Historians and archaeologists have found Chinese writings concerning the diseases of horses, oxen, and buffalo dated as early as 2,500 B.C. Four thousand year old Indian art depictions illustrate men caring for horses and elephants, and ancient Egyptian art illustrate methods of caring for cattle and dogs as well.

It is no surprise that as men learned to use animals for farming, food, transportation and companionship they also recorded methods to keep those animals healthy and happy. The Ancient Romans had specialized military troops who were skilled in caring for the multitude of animals attached to individual military units known as veterinarius.

Down through the years, even as the nature of man's use and need for animals has evolved, and the wealth of knowledge of how to care for them has grown, our honored profession has vigilantly guarded that knowledge, and carefully shepherded the methods and means employed in their care. Today in the twenty first century, even as we continue to develop new and better ways to care for the animals our ancient profession has nurtured, we are facing challenges from the world around us that pose serious threats to our ability to continue these practices.

To meet these challenges, the owners of veterinary practices in Alabama have come together, to unite the agencies already in place to protect and promote the profession, and to improve the effectiveness of communiction with in our profession as well as between our profession and the public officials and pet owners themselves. Through our efforts, we hope to insure a stable future for those who currently are invested physically and financialy in the profession, as well as the promise of future careers to those who come after us. We invite you to join us at the Alabama Veterinary Practice Owners.