Congratulations to Dr. Mike Newman

MkeNewmanPlease join us in congratulating Dr. Mike Newman!

Dr. Mike Newman has been elected as the new AVMA District III Executive Board representative. Mike is a veterinarian from Birmingham, and has succeeded in private practice and in the continuing education program at Southeastern Veterinary Surgeon's Conference and Alabama Academy of Veterinary Practitioners, as well as the continuing education programming for the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association, and then expanding those efforts to many offices with the ALVMA, AVMA and other veterinary schools and associations across the country. We look forward to working with Mike to polish the practices of the AVMA that have brought us the success our profession has achieved so far.

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Congratulations to Dr. Jerome Williams

WilliamsJeromeAll of us here at ALVPOA would like to join the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners in congratulating Dr. Jerome Williams, the Director of the Alabama Veterinary Professional Wellness Program on his recent invitation to speak at the 2013 World Veterinary Congress that is to be held in Prague, Czech Republic!

This is just one of the many accomplishments that Dr. Williams has achieved in his short time as Director of the Alabama Veterinary Professional Wellness Program. Dr. Williams as Director of the AVPWP has proved to be a much needed asset to the Wellness Program.

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USDA Accreditation Newsbite

APHISThis is an update from the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry. 

All the States are preparing for implementation of the pending USDA Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) rule. One of the major components of traceability under the ADT rule is the information collected from properly completed interstate health certificates. A copy of all interstate health certificates is forwarded to the state of destination for their records. Receiving States are carefully scrutinizing all interstate health certificates issued for animals moving into their state to insure that all of the information needed to complete a trace is provided. Health certificates that are incomplete are rejected by the receiving State, and returned to Dr. Frazier, Alabama State Veterinarian.

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Economics and Politics

StBrnrdLike most small business owners, veterinarians are finding their profit margins, their staff, and their own time, strangled ever more by government regulations, taxes, fees and penalties. The Alabama Veterinary Practice Owners Association is positioning itself in the forefront of policing the issues that affect the business of managing a successful veterinary practice. In the past, issues such as these only rarely encroached upon the veterinary practitioner. In the hard economic times of today, with local, state and federal governments literally scratching and clawing for more sources of revenue to supply their bloated and overextended programs, veterinary practice owners cannot passively stand by and watch as their futures are robbed, penny by penny, of the value they once might have had.

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Strategic Partnerships

vet-trioMany of the success stories in history involve classic strategic partnerships. For over 100 years, the veterinarians in the state of Alabama have had a great resource in the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association. However, we now find ourselves as a profession in uncertain times, where perhaps the standards of the past may in fact prove less than efficient in protecting the lofty ideals and principles our great profession is both known for and expected to uphold. As veterinarians we know and understand that adaptation to the environment is key to success. Like so many professional business people in the world today, veterinarians face many escalating challenges to achieving success in practice, to their plans for succession and retirement, and to maintaining the high standards of their profession. These threats to veterinary medicine are the very impetus behind the formation of the ALVPOA.  

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