Why do we need another association and what will membership in the ALVPOA give you?

The organizing members of the ALVPOA are striving hard to make sure that your membership provides value to you. There are many things under development that will be coming in the near future. For now, here are the immediate benefits of being a member of the ALVPOA.


  • Access to up to the minute information about news and information that affects the veterinary profession in Alabama via the website, email, twitter and other media instruments. We will have people 'on the ground' when the legislature is in session. We will maintain an open channel to those who can advise us of anything coming up that could affect the practice of veterinary medicine in Alabama. 

  • A true voice in the arenas where the decisions that affect the profession are made. Direct communication with lawmakers, the board of veterinary medical examiners, and leaders of our profession in other associations as well. ALVPOA is designed to be a communication channel itself, providing flow of information in both directions.

  • Access to an online community of veterinary and para veterinary professionals at www.alvpoa.org. A place to discuss and share thoughts with colleagues in real time. Discuss your thoughts and ideas about what is happening in our profession with your peers.

  • Ownership in a strong and active association that will portray our profession to the public in an honest and effective way. An association that will listen to how you feel on critical issues affecting the profession and will not flinch at representing your position to those whose actions affect your practice and professional future.

  • An association that makes an effort to educate and inform the general public about what veterinarians do and how that impacts their lives.

Please act now and become a member of the ALVPOA, and let's all keep and protect the value of our profession going into the future.

Download and send in your registration form and check today to:

Alabama Veterinary Practice Owners Association
P.O. Box 240968
Montgomery, AL 36124

Or register online here!


Call or email at:

(334) 625-0344

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